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LCI 1000hp mobile rigs

Three (3) Loadcraft LCI 1000hp mobile rigs...two have 1000hp mud pumps, one has 1200hp mud pumps. Complete rigs, all built new from 2007 to 2009. Available for sale, possible Lease/Joint Venture with the right company and area. 

LCI 1000 ...

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Ideco H44 750hp Mobile Rig

Recently refurbished. Like new condition. Ideco H44 carrier rig, 750hp

DRAWWORKS: Ideco H-44 carrier mounted 750 HP

AUXILIARY BRAKE: Hydromatic double

MAST: Telescoping 108’, 268,000 LB SHL on 8 lines


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National 110UE 1500hp SCR

Ready to Drill!!!

This National 110UE SCR Rig is ready to drill. Complete with rig inspection papers, mud pump inspections, and engine/power inspection papers.

Recently refurbis...

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Drilling Rigs

CURRENT MARKET CONDITIONS: The U.S. land rig market has fell from over 1900 rigs to 500 rigs leaving a surplus of land rigs…prior to the collapse in rigs running, there was a massive buildup of new rigs. We cannot list every single rig that is available on our site, there is simply too many to list. We can tell you this, any type of land rig you could possibly need is available right now and at historically low prices. Petro Rigs works with the largest Drilling Contractors and Manufactures in North America...if you need a Rig, you've found the right company. 

SEND US YOUR REQUIREMENTS: If you are drilling in Latin America, the Middle East, Asia or Europe, we have the rigs you need. Cold weather, desert weather, mechanical, SCR/AC, box on box, sling shot, mobile, pad, walking….you name it, it’s available right now. Savings are incredible. http://petrorigs.com/request-quote/

500hp to 3000hp: SCR, AC, Mechanical. Desert & Winter Environment, Fast moving, Mobile & Conventional, Walking Rigs, Oil/Gas Rigs to Water Rigs

Petro Rigs will post Featured Listings and post New Arrivals rigs on our Facebook Page. Go Like our Facebook page to keep up with our Featured Listings, share with a colleague. 


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National 110UE 1500hp SCR

Ready to Drill!!!

This National 110UE SCR Rig is ready to drill. Complete with rig inspection papers, mud pump inspections, and engine/power inspection papers.

Recently refurbished. Complete rig with drill pipe, BOP, and Top Drive. 


Drawworks: National 110-UE (1,500 hp) powered by 2-Amerimex 752 traction motors
Auxiliary Brake: Elmagco 6032 W           
Rotary Table: Gardner Denver RT-27 1/2 with a 27-1/2" opening
Traveling Block: YC-450 (500 ton)
Top Drive: Tesco ECI 900 / 500 ton         
SCR Generators: 3-Kato 1,204 kW powered by CAT-3512C           
SCR House: Omron  4-SCR x 3-Gen          
Annular: 13 5/8" Hydril GK 10,000 psi    
Double Ram: 13 5/8" Hydril Type X 13 5/8" psi  
Single Ram: 13 5/8" Hydril Type X 10,000 psi      
Accumulator: Koomey 7 Station 160 gallon capacity       
Choke Manifold: 4" x 2" 10,000 psi         
Mud Pump 1: Gardner Denver PZ-11 (1,600 hp) powered by 2-Amerimex 752 traction motors
Mud Pump 2: Gardner Denver PZ-11 (1,600 hp) powered by 2-Amerimex 752 traction motors
Mud Pits: 3-pit system (1,530 bbl) with 12 agitators 104 bbl premix pit built into suction       
Shale Shakers: 2-Derrick FLC-503            
Desander: Derrick  (2 - 12" cones)           
Desilter: Derrick  (16 - 4" cones)              
Degasser: Swaco Vacuum           
Separator: 4' x 12'         
Trip Tank: 126 barrels   
Mast: Pyramid 142' 1,000,000 pounds staitic hookload on 12 lines           
Substructure: Pyramid Self Elevating 26' floor height      
Diesel Tank: 1-tank 13,000 gallon total capactiy
Water Tank: 2-tank 1,000 bbl total capacity       
Drill Pipe: 5"  S-135 and 5"  G-105           
Drill Collars: 8" , 6-1/2" , nominal sizes  
Pipe Spinner: OWI/Gray 35C7/3570       
Air Compressor: 2-Sullivan 50 DG 50hp 


Request a Quote on this rig: http://petrorigs.com/request-quote/

Joint Ventures


our U.S. drilling contractors have expressed a real interest in engaging in joint venture operations within the international markets.....current high level of interest in MEXICO. If your drilling company needs modern design drilling rigs, our U.S. drilling contractors would like to look at your proposals, contact us at http://petrorigs.com/contact-us/

If your company has existing or upcoming contracts and you need a drilling rig for that contract, please let us know. With the downturn in the Land Rig market in the US, there are several drillers wanting to partner with the right company in the International markets. Save capital on rig acquisitions, spread your risks and work with a US Driller with a proven track record.

US Drillers have serveral options available for Joint Ventures

  • 500hp to 3000hp rigs
  • SCR, AC, Mechanical
  • Desert and Winter environment
  • Fast moving, Mobile rigs, Conventional rigs, and Walking Rigs

Please use our contact page and tell us a little more about the area you are drilling in, the type of rig you will need for your contract work, and we will reply back with some viable options for a Joint Venture: http://petrorigs.com/contact-us/

Mud Pump Parts and Expendables

Parts & Expendables for the industry’s most popular mud pump models. All parts are manufactured in the United States of America. Parts are made to OEM specifications using modern CNC equipment.

Liners, Valves, Pistons, Pony Rods, Seats, Gaskets, Fluid Ends….

 Mud Pump Brands that we manufacture OEM spec parts for:
  • Brewster
  • Continental Emsco
  • Ellis Williams
  • Gardner Denver
  • Gaso
  • Ideco
  • National-Oilwell
  • OPI
  • Wheatley &Wilson

When you need parts for your mud pumps, contact Petro Rigs!!!

• High quality parts that meet or exceed OEM specifications

• Fair prices

• Better Built, Longer Life

Send us your pump make/model and part numbers you need:  http://petrorigs.com/request-quote/ 

*Petro Rigs is not affiliated with the Brands mentioned. TRADEMARKS Product and company names mentioned may be the trademarks of their respective owners. The display of trade marks does not imply that a license of any kind has been granted. 

Tesco HCI 500 ton top drive

TESCO HCI 500TON TOP DRIVE: recertified with new Cat power 


New Cat C32 power – updated drilling controls

Re-certified, top drive, torque track, torque bushings, load path and all OEM 1000 day components with documentation

Complete ready for installation $425,000.00USD  

Function Test included at this price

Crew Houses

We have 15 used Crew Houses available. Great condition, ready to move, deep discounts.

Oilfield skidded

Easy Move

Built to Last

Contact us now to save money!!! Call or email!!!

Surplus Drill Pipe, New and Premium Grade

We have thousands of feet of surplus new and premium grade drill pipe available here in the States. If you need drill pipe, we can save you lots of money.

Surplus New: thousands of feet availalbe, American pipe with papers
Premium Grade: Premium pipe, several sizes and types, tested and certified available
Drill Collars: surplus new and premium grade collars available, several sizes and weights available

Several sizes and weights available....we simply have too much inventory to post on our site, just request a quote for the pipe you need today. Call us or email us, quotes are free!!!

Canrig AC 270 ton Top Drives

270 ton Canrig AC Top Drives: powered with CAT C32 tier ii engines, vfd, complete units....properly stored, ready to drill. Very low how units, priced well below market value. Two (2) units available. Contact us for complete details and pricing, priced to move

Offshore Mooring Winches

We have eight (8) 50T offshore mooring winches available. Aproximately one year old, never used, these are surplus new winches stored in the yard. Please contact us for pricing!

Line pull 1st layer: 250 kN
Line speed 1st layer: 5,8 m/min / 11,7 m/min
Line pull 10th layer: 119 kN
Line speed 10th layer: 12,2 m/min / 24,6 m/min.
Brake holding force:
Band brake 1st layer: 600 kN
Brake holding torque: 174 kNm
Electromagnetic brake 1st layer: 600 kN
Rope: steel rope 38 mm ∅ 
Drum dimensions: ∅ 580/1690 x 1080 lg.
Storage capacity: 775 m in 10 layers 
Drive: three-phase squirrel cage motor
Type: KDKF200L-8/4/TF/ST/OD/BR
Rated voltage (see E-part): 480 V AC 3ph 60 Hz 
Power: 27 kW / 27 kW
Speed: 870 rpm / 1760 rpm 
Poles: 8 / 4
Cooling: surface cooled   
Build in Electromagnetic brake:  SFB 63/ 630 Nm
Voltage:  110 V D.C.
Gear ratio: 287:1
Oil contents: approx. 85 ltr.

CAT 3508C engines with Radiators

New Surplus Caterpillar 3508C Land Mechanical Power Unit

**2 Units Available**

• 900 HP (671kW) @ 1200 RPM
• Serial Numbers: LLE00636 & LLE00640
• Arrangement Number: 2644644
• MFG 2009 – EPA Tier II (Non-Road)
• Air Starter / 24V Charging Alternator
• Dry Type Air Cleaners
• SAE 00 Flywheel Housing
• Un-Used (MFG 2009)

Two (2) New Surplus General ThermoDynamics Radiators

• Model 3771H / AS
• Serial Number 339529 (MFG 2011)
• Serial Number 339555 (MFG 2011)
• Fan & Stub Shaft

$115,000 each

U914 1500hp SCR Rig with Top Drive

Midcontinent U914 1500hp SCR rig with Top Drive. Complete refurb, ready to drill.

Partial list of major components: 1600hp mud pumps, 13 5/8, 10M BOP stack,

Ross Hill SCR House, Pyramid 142' (1million hook load), Tesco ECI 900 Top Drive

*for a complete inventory and photos, please contact us.